from beautiful hands, to our roaster, to Your cup

When we first opened in September, 2009 we simply wanted to provide good coffee in a neighborhood where there was none, but a few years ago we decided to pursue roasting in-house. So in 2016, we purchased a 5K roaster from US Roaster Corp and began roasting. We roast mainly for our in-house needs, but we you can find our coffee at Chilly Water Brewing Company, Bluebeard, Wildwood Market, Lincoln Lane Coffee, and Chao Vietnamese Street Food.

Coffee is a beautiful thing; so simple and complex, so delicious. But coffee is made beautiful by the people that make it possible. From the hands that pick the fruit of the shrub to the hands of our baristas that prepare you a drink, coffee's wonder is drawn out by wonderful people along the way. COFFEE IS COOL. PEOPLE ARE COOLER. We strive to honor each individual person from the farm to your cup as we roast and prepare drinks.

We also believe that there is no such thing as "bad" coffee with the one exception being "unkind" coffee. Coffee that's sourced with care, prepared with thought, and served with kindness is good no matter what. Grinders and brewers and espresso machines can only take us so far. They can certainly make coffee taste good, and we certainly have our preferences, but if kindness is removed from the equation it's all been for naught. So with all that said, we hope you enjoy our coffee and use it as a means of kindness.


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