When we first opened in September, 2009 we simply wanted to provide good coffee in a neighborhood where there was none, but a few years ago we decided to pursue roasting in-house. So in 2016 we purchased a 5K roaster from US Roaster Corp and began roasting. We are currently roasting 5 beans and featuring a blend roasted by Jameson Coffee out of Greencastle, IN, whom we've partnered with since we opened in 2009.

From our roaster we offer 5 lovely coffees: Mexico ChiapasRwanda Kopakaki-Dutegure Coop, Peru Chontali, El Salvador Finca El Portezuelo (which we use for espresso), and Honduras Swiss Water Process Decaf.

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From Jameson we are offering Fletcher Place Blend (outstanding body, bright acidity and sweet aromatic tones, nut, spice, and chocolate notes).

We love our coffee, and we especially love it when you do! Thank You!