When we first opened in September, 2009 we simply wanted to provide good coffee in a neighborhood where there was none, but a few years ago we decided to pursue roasting in-house. So in 2016, we purchased a 5K roaster from US Roaster Corp and began roasting. We roast mainly for our in-house needs, but we do have various beans available at Pogue's Run Grocer, Wildwood Market, Lincoln Lane Coffee, and Chao Vietnamese Street Food.

From our roaster we offer these lovely coffees:

Mexico Chiapas 

Rwanda Kopakaki

Peru Chontali

El Salvador Finca El Portezuelo (which we use for espresso)

Uganda Bukonzo

Honduras Swiss Water Process Decaf.

We love our coffee, and we especially love it when you do! Thank You!

More about our in-house roasted coffee

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