how we started

Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company first opened on September 30, 2009, 615 Virginia Avenue, a downtown Indianapolis neighborhood. Calvin Fletcher's was a pioneer business on the Virginia Ave. corridor in between the mile square of downtown Indianapolis and Fountain Square. Today, we are a part of a thriving area of great restaurants and neighborhood.

This vision of the coffee shop in Fletcher Place began in the hearts and minds of Doug and Judy Litsey in early 2009. Shortly before the shop's opening, the Litsey's son Jeff became a part of the new venture. 

As residents of Fletcher Place, the Litseys wanted to be part of something that would provide a space for building community and help meet a need for a consistently operating coffee shop in the neighborhood. 


where we are TODAY

CFCC business has increased steadily each year, but it still surprised us that we would make a move in two and a half years to a much larger space at 647 Virginia Ave. to accommodate the growth.

CFCC has also become a destination for the arts in the area. Local artisans display pottery, wood work, paintings, and greeting cards. Local singer/songwriters perform and poetry is read. 

Providing a foundation for what has taken place in and through CFCC is this underlying mission: building a community through loving and welcoming every person that walks through the door, and through providing the best product, service and friendship that we possibly can. As a result, there truly is a community of love between employees and customers. The community of CFCC welcomes and accepts every person from any background. 


Where we are going

Wen CFCC is fully profitable (anticipating late 2015) all profits will be donated to other not-for-profits and/or other community building groups that help people. Besides fulfilling the mission of CFCC, receiving 501 (c) (3) status is part of the highest priority at this time. 

We hope to achieve the following goals in the next 5 years:

1. Give away more money to be more assistance to more people. (In addition to tips, we hope to give away at least $5,000 the first year we are consistently profitable and increase this giving by ten percent each year thereafter.)

2. Provide opportunities to build community by offering neighborhood and greater community service projects for our employees and customers. 

3. Purchase a coffee roaster to roast beans purchased outside the United States. - DONE! We purchased our 5K US Roaster in 2016 and are now roasting!

4. Purchase direct trade coffee beans (buying directly from the grower) and building community among staff, customers and the people of the farmers' villages. Employees and customers would have the option to travel to the countries where we purchase the beans for medical, construction and sharing purposes. As we come alongside the people, we hope to build lasting relationships both with growers, their families and communities, as well as one another. 

5. Purchase a used van and coffee-making equipment to take coffee to people in neighborhoods that do not have close access to or the income to pay for a quality cup of coffee. 

If you are interested in or have a desire to help us get to where want to go...please contact us! We would love to hear from you!