Notes: Bright and sweet with syrupy body. Floral, citrus, green melon, sage, and red wine notes. Fair Trade

Region: Karongi District, Western Province

Municipality: Rubengera

Genetic Varieties: Bourbon, Jackson

Processing Method: Washing Station

Drying Method: Raised African beds

Altitude: 1,600-1,800 masl

Producing coffee since 2007, the average number of trees/farmer is around 380 on an average of 0.15 hectares. Coffee is delivered to the washing station by those farmers within walking distance and the cooperative can also send out a hired car to assist with collection when farmers need it. After arriving at the washing station, the coffee is pulped and dry-fermented for 2 days, then rinsed and soaked for another 24 hours. Wet parchment is hand-picked on covered raised beds before being moved to the drying beds.

While the group has grown from just 12 MT in 2007 to over 57 in 2014, they have remained very committed to quality and are making their plans for growth to ensure that they continue along the same path.

- from Atlas Coffee